5 Best Career Aptitude Tests

Career aptitude tests help an individual to understand his/her abilities and in finding best career choices. There are mainly 5 best career aptitude tests which help in identifying the personality type and in focusing the careers which will suit the personality traits. These career aptitude tests are used in assessing the ability in specific skills.

1. Verbal aptitude tests

A standard level of vocabulary skills are expected from the individuals who have completed certain years of education. This type of tests is done to assess the grammar, synonyms, antonyms, essay writing, reading passages etc. While recruiting the candidates for specific jobs as well as for higher studies, these verbal aptitude tests are conducted.  There is a test called as language skill test which is used to assess the language skills in a specific language.

2. Analytical tests

Analytical tests are used to assess the reasoning abilities and logical thinking of the candidates. These tests mainly consist of logical exercises. This test may also include passage reading to assess the ability of grasping. These tests generally include subjective questions. Analytical writing is a part of these tests where the students should explain in detail about a particular theme.

3. Accuracy tests

These tests are considered in the recruiting process. These types of tests are short and consist of data sets which should be organized and compared to find out the right placements of the numbers, words and objects. These tests are mainly used in recruiting for the positions like technical positions, military positions, industry positions.

4. Subject related aptitude tests

This helps in determining a particular area of interest. These tests are designed according to the requirements of the field in concern, and can be conducted for any type of subjects like engineering, life science, medical science, commerce etc.

5. Math aptitude test

These tests determine the math abilities of the candidates. Math aptitude tests involve several kinds of mathematical problems. Graphical representation problems and word problems are commonly used. The level of math tests varies depending on the field. High level math tests are conducted for the candidates who are having mathematics background, whereas basic test is conducted for the candidates who are not from the mathematics background.

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