The most difficult part of an abusive relation is that the abused fails to accept the fact that the relationship has turned abusive. Once this acceptance is done, dealing with the problem becomes simpler. An Abusive relationship is a scenario where a partner becomes violent to his or her partner. This can be identified by what is called an Abusive Relationship test.

Abusive Relationship Test  Benefits:

Since identification is the key, this test helps you identify whether you are entangled in such a relation and are afraid to accept its authenticity. After the situation is confirmed, it is advisable to take help from sources trained to deal with such situations.

Who should take the test?

People with physical marks and bruises, under mental stress or strain, obvious fears, straining relations and those with partners who demonstrate a violent streak are advised to take such a test immediately. It need not be in a married relation always. Any relation with such streaks is identified as an abusive relationship.

What does the test do?

The test essentially has a set of questions on scenarios that must have already happened with the abused and records their responses. Since, sometimes the abused are not even aware that this is violence; they come into terms with these tests and reveal the reality. The responses are then compared to already identified cases and conformity is reached. Immediately the abused is notified. Suggestive steps are also indicated in the report generated. It is recommended to seek at the earliest.

Take a sample test:

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