Air force aptitude is all about precision and focus. All these are tested through questions on Logistics, psychometrics, Personality and physical tests. Sometimes flying tests are also conducted for precise results. Employers tend to conduct these tests to test the level of thinking of would be pilots. Generally these people are hired after proper testing and training.

What does the test do?

The test is a preliminary round for other tests that follow. This exam has questions based on logical reasoning, observation abilities, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge of air force related topics (aeronautics, precision, etc.) and general English. The results are compared to expected standards and a score card is generated. The score card has the expected result and the score of the candidate. Generally no detailed report is generated.

Air force Aptitude Test Benefits:

Candidates who give these tests can get a fair idea on where they stand when it comes to a career in flying for the air force. Depending on the test results they can improve the areas needing extra attention. Employers generally gain by hiring candidates who are good in these areas and hence require less training and guidance. Candidates get hired easily if their performance is proved better than the others.

Take a sample test:

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