Army aptitude tests are rigorous tests conducted by the army at every stage of selection. Irrespective of the job that the candidate has applied for, the army tests them on all aspects right from education to personality tests. The main areas of testing include

  • Personality tests
  • Psychometric tests
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Scholastic tests
  • Physical tests
  • Logical Reasoning tests

In addition to these, there could be job specific tests. The above mentioned tests are generic and are conducted for all appearing for the test. Job specific tests are specific to the job applied for. These tests are periodically conducted to keep a tab on the progress of the candidates.

What does the test do?

A general army aptitude test is a multiple choice based exam with topics ranging from current affairs, army affairs, logical reasoning, quantitative ability and general English. This can be assumed to be the preliminary round. The army looks out for a above average candidate and hence there could be high cut offs for selection. The results are just scores with no analysis reports.

Army Aptitude Test Benefits:

Since serving the army is a highly skill needed and attention required job, it helps the employers to check the highly recommended qualities of the candidate. Generally people who fail to clear them are not given a second chance. Candidates who apply and write these tests can analyze their performance and check their aptness for the job applied for.

Take a sample test:

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