A career interest test is an assessment about the type of career one should choose depending upon the interest one has. It tests the test taker on various areas of interest and finally comes out with a result career based on his or her interest as assessed by the test. The analysis typically involves identifying and understanding in which career an individual’s interests can be put to best use.

What does the test do?

As is suggested by the name, a career interest test has a lot of questions on the interests of the test taker. Areas like personality traits, likes, dislikes, preferred work environments, education, experience etc are tested in depth. Apart from these areas personal details might also be touched for a basic personality analysis. After this is done the result in the form of a list of possible career options is displayed.

Career Interest Test Benefits:

The main advantage of taking these tests is that one can identify one’s areas of interest and understand where he or she can best use their talent to mould into a successful profession. Also there is scope for the test taker to analyze areas in which he lags to become more oriented for that profession which his interests point to. After the test is taken, a list of all identified jobs would be displayed and the areas in which the test taker is strong and those in which he needs improvement are displayed.

Take a sample test:

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