The toughest job of an employer is to map jobs with the person doing it. This test is how they decide where to place which candidate. A lot of areas like interest in job, temperament, data, reasoning, language capacity and mathematical ability are tested by the employers before taking this decision. A career placement test just makes their job a lot easier.

Career Placement Benefits:

This test practically proves to the employer how well the candidate fits into the profile of the job required. It highlights the areas the candidate is strong in and the areas in which he has scope for improvement if necessary. Thus all the employer is thinking about is the benefit of the company and the employee. The results come out as a summary and also a job match analysis report is generated. The new word for testing a placement specific interest is an appraisal. This is done to prove the compatibility of the candidate and the job for which he has been selected. During this testing process, the employer has to choose among a set of tests depending on the job he is testing the candidate for.

  • Personal Appraisal
  • Business Appraisal
  • Career Motivational Appraisal

These are a few tests to be chosen from. As is evident from the naming, each test tests a specific area of the candidate.

Take a sample test:

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