Having the right skill set is by large the biggest necessity and in reality the biggest responsibility of an individual applying for a job. These are essential tests conducted by many employers today to gauge the stand of candidates applying for jobs. The test has a questionnaire designed to bring out the best skills of the candidate and also test the skills required for a particular job. Hence the test is of the following types.

  • Test for finding out the best skills of the test taker
  • Test for testing the strength of skills required for a job (Basic, Medium, Expert)

Career Skills Test Benefits:

The main benefit is for the employers who can find out beforehand about the skills a candidate is good at before employing him. Periodic testing of the candidate gives his improvement status. For the candidate, it is an opportunity to find out what skills he has got and for what career he can best use them. For convenience, the tests also provide a list of career options after the skills are identified.

What does the test do?

The test has questions mostly multiple choice or one line answers to test the candidate on his aptitude, reasoning, quantitative ability, general ability and general English apart from basic questions on his background and personality. A few career specific tests can be expected to have questions pertaining to those job requirements. The test then evaluates and gives a detailed report on the skills of the test taker and also a list of career options for that candidate.

Take a sample test:

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