CCDA Tests

Cisco Certified Design Associate or CCDA is the certification which credits the holder an appreciation from Cisco to design networks. This is the first level certification from Cisco and deals with the basics of designing a network. The validity of this certification is three years after which the test is improvised by specialization.


A CCDA certification holder will be able to design routed and switch network infrastructures for small and medium sized businesses. They find employment opportunities as Network Designer, Network Planner etc,.

CCDA Certification Requirements:

The test taker has to understand that the CCDA Certification is in itself a basic level test and hence needs no pre-requisites to be done before attempting the test. This is the only test a candidate can attempt to write to gain a certification in designing networks. The test covers topics like

  • Analysis
  • modeling and
  • Planning of networks.

The duration is about 75 minutes with multiple choice questions asked online.

How to take the exam:

The exam can be booked from any authenticated Cisco site. The exam costs around 250 USD. Since the booking is online it can be booked at any day and time and for any day and time convenient to the test taker. Options of re-exam and choice of language other than English exist with the exam process.

Take a sample test:

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