Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer is indeed the highest accreditation awarded by Cisco. It has been proved by the latest marketing strategists that CCIE professionals are paid the maximum when it comes to IT industry and also that there are less than 15000 certified professionals in the world today.

CCIE Benefits:

Certified professionals are the highest paid in the networking field. Employers look for this certification since this is the highest offered by Cisco and it claims that the holder has a strong hold on the basics and the intricate details of networking.

CCIE  Certification Requirements:

Typically there are various topics a CCIE holder needs to cover. The test taker can choice his track and write the exam accordingly. The tracks include

  • Routing and Switching
  • Security
  • Service Provider
  • Storage networking
  • Voice

The test taker has to give a two hour written test of hundred questions related to the track he chooses. After successful completion, a lab based test has to be cleared. The lab exam is an 8 hour duration test and is conducted exposing the candidate to real life scenarios. The lab test has to be taken before 18 months after his successful completion of the written test.

How to take the  CCIE test:

The written test can be booked by any authentic test site like Prometric or Pearson. However the lab test has to be taken at a Cisco approved location. The written test costs around 250 USD and a lab test costs 1250 USD. The written test can be retaken if not cleared within 5 days and the lab test can be taken before 12 months. The certification expires in three years if the lab exam is not taken within 3 years of taking the written test.

Take a sample test:

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