The Cisco Certified Network Professional Exam certifies that the holder has the skill required to install, configure and trouble shoot LAN and WAN Networks with more than 500 connections. This is a middle level certification and an essential exam for people desiring a career in designing complex networks.

CCNP Benefits:

The certification validates to the employers the ability of the holder to manage routers, switches, voice, wireless and security of various network configurations. Certified professional find jobs as Senior Network Administrators, Network Professionals, Network Designers, Senior Hardware Engineers in the field of IT.

CCNP Certification Requirements:

This certification is a professional exam and hence needs a basic level certification (CCNA) before actually being attempted. The syllabus includes

  • Scalable Cisco Networks
  • Cisco Multilayer switched networks
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Converged Networks

The process offers a choice of writing them in three or four papers to clear the exam. Each paper costs around 250 USD. The exam score is valid for a period of three years after which any professional level exam is to be taken for its revival.

How to take CCNP test:

Like any Cisco exam, this test also has to be booked online from any Pearson or Prometric testing site. The exam in itself is also online with multiple choice questions and lab based scenarios. Re-scheduling and cancellation can be done. The facility of choosing the exam date and time at the convenience of the test taker also exists with the process.

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