Clerical Skills Test

Clerical skills test is mostly used to recruit candidates for the clerical and administrative jobs. With the use of the clerical skills test, it can be established if the candidates possess the basic skills to adapt to the changing administrative roles and perform them efficiently. Most of the organizations use the clerical skills test to hire candidates with good clerical capabilities. The following are the details regarding the clerical skills test.

Clerical skills Test Benefits:

The clerical skills test is designed in such a manner so as to present actual work like situations and ask questions based on those situations. There are both manual and computer adapted tasks that form a part of the clerical skills test.

Who should take the Clerical skills test?

Candidates who are appearing for any clerical, accounting, administration tasks will need to undertake the clerical skills test if the employers chooses to hire candidates based on this test.

How to book for the Clerical skills test?

The candidates who would like to undertake the clerical skills test to qualify for further rounds of selection in an interview, can book for the clerical skills test through online medium. The clerical skills test does not need any prior preparation and you can get the results as soon as you take the test.

What does the Clerical skills test have?

The clerical skills test covers the following topics or set of questions:

  • Questions on Microsoft basic usage skills
  • Accounting and stock keeping knowledge
  • Good communication and excellent customer service
  • Usage of multiple languages with good grammar and pronunciation, etc

The questions can be of multiple choice types of open questions that needs a short answer.

Depending on the job role hiring for, the questions can be simpler, moderate or difficult in nature. Sometimes there is also negative marking involved in the clerical skills test.

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