Clinical Depression occurs when there is lost of interest in life or mood swings for a longer period. The best way to find out whether one suffers from this disorder is to take a Clinical Depression Test. This eases out the confusion between a state when a person is sad and a situation when a person has a clinical depression disorder.

Who should take the test?

Any person suffering from one or more issue mentioned in the list below is advised to take the test.

  • Depressed mood at most time of the day
  • Significant weight Changes
  • Diminished interest in activities and in life in particular
  • Hypersomnia
  • Agitation or Retardation
  • Feeling of Worthlessness
  • Major speech changes
  • Thoughts of Death, suicidal tendencies

What does this test do?

This test has a questionnaire covering all topics ranging from background, personality, daily life, relationships, major changes, issues. The depth and the line of questioning depend upon the specifics of the test being taken. After the test is taken, the results are displayed as a graph or a score card, which can be taken to a medical expert for advice on further action.

Take a sample test:

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