CNA Skills Test

A CNA skills tests is administered on the to-be-recruited nurse assistants. The demand for CNA skills is growing rapidly. The nurses who pass the CNA test will be eligible to assist the senior nurses in treating the elderly and senior patients. The following are the various details of the CNA skills test.

Who should take the CNA Skills test?

  • To apply for the CNA test and get the certification would need candidates only above 18 years of age.
  • The candidates should also not possess a criminal history and therefore police records check is conducted
  • The medical records of the candidates should be good

How to book for the CNA Skills test?

The approach to take the CNA skills test is as follows:

  • The candidates need to book a slot in the evaluation room and be present in the room on time with clean hands to start the test with the patient as per the instructions
  • Take care of the patient’s safety and privacy and undertake the CNA skills test
  • Run through each and every task at a time and complete them as per the rules set

What does the CNA Skills test have?

The CNA skills test consists of about 100 multiple choice questions. The maximum number of wrong answers above which the candidate is declared “failed” is 20. The results are not absolute marks. They just declare if the candidates have passed or not.

  • To attend for the test, candidates should first get enrolled into a short 2-month training course. After that they need to appear for the CNA skills test and pass it.
  • The format of the test is mostly multiple choices based and is a written paper.
  • It thoroughly tests the clinical aptitude of the candidate.
  • The candidates should follow and execute all the tasks as per the instructions of the examiner

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