Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive ability test is a kind of a test which is conducted to test the student’s reasoning abilities and is a K-12 kind of an assessment. This kind of a test is also useful in providing the predicted achievement marks when clubbed together with the lowa tests. A cognitive ability test tests the students in three dimensions which are most linked to the academic success of the students at school level. These three dimensions are nonverbal, verbal and quantitative. The following are some of the details related to such a test.

Cognitive ability test benefits:

This is one of the most widely used and accepted test in the world and measures a student’s ability to adapt, learn, understand instructions and solve problems as well. These tests are useful in hiring students and during the time of student admissions as well.

Who should take the cognitive ability test?

A cognitive ability test is taken at the school level and can be taken by any student who is under the age of 18.

How to book for cognitive ability test?

You can book a cognitive ability test by filling out a form which is available on the internet or can be purchased from the school or educational institution in which the student studies. After filling out these forms, a date is provided on which the student can appear to give the test.

What does the cognitive ability test have?

A cognitive ability tests generally lasts for 20 minutes and as 51 questions in total. The difficulty level of the questions increases as the test progresses further and the range of the difficulty lie between those questions which 97% can answer correctly to those questions which 2% of the people can answer correctly. Questions are based on three grounds-

  • verbal

  • non verbal

  • quantitative

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