College aptitude test

A college aptitude test is a test which is conducted so as to measure the level of college education related aptitude of a person. Such aptitude tests are quite commonly conducted in colleges and can be used to assess college students as far as their general aptitude is concerned. These tests could either be drafted to know the aptitude level of the students in general or to know the aptitude of students individually. Any college aptitude test may be further divided into many categories depending upon the exact topic of the test or the field of the test. Mentioned below are a few of the categories of college aptitude test:

  • General college aptitude test
  • College history aptitude test
  • Art students college aptitude test
  • College level aptitude test
  • Science students college aptitude test


A college aptitude test is useful as it may act as a yardstick to measure the level of awareness or knowledge of a college student in a particular field. The results of a college aptitude test may be a deciding factor to know whether or not the respondent would be fit to select a particular career or not.

Manner in which is college aptitude test is conducted and marked:

A college aptitude test consists of certain number of questions which can be subjective or objective in nature. Each question corresponds to a certain score which is obtained if the respondent answers it correctly. One is marked 0 if the answer is incorrect. The total score is used to measure the level of the college aptitude of the respondent.

Benefits of college aptitude test:

A college aptitude test is useful for a college student because he/she can come to know his/her strengths and weaknesses and accordingly improve areas which need polishing. These tests can act as encouragement mediums in the case when a person scores a good score.

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