College Personality Test

College personality test is generally used to choose the best colleges that suit an individual’s personality. A candidate must choose the type of college where it provides the perfect ambience to accept the qualities, abilities and knowledge of the student and grooms him or her according to his or her career aspirations. Candidates mostly fall into the trap of choosing the best college according to the rankings and eventually fell out of place. Therefore it is always a good practice to use the college personality test.

Who should take the College personality test?

Any student who wants to opt for a college to pursue any of their interested courses can take up the college personality test. Candidates should unearth their instinctive goals about the college. Therefore it is very essential that they answer the questions in the college personality test with utmost honesty and participation.

What does the test have?

The college personality test has questions on the following:

  • Inclinations about the attitude towards college life
  • Career goals and aspirations of the individual
  • Expectations from college studies
  • General expectations about friends to be made in the college, ambience, facilities and infrastructure
  • The soft skills that the candidates want to learn during their college life.
  • The communication alternatives used by the college to notify about sudden change in plans with its present and prospective students
  • Expectations about the campus hostel facilities, room bookings and occupancies, etc.

Most of the questions in the college personality test are multiple choices with no right or wrong answers. Most of the patterns of questions follow a rating scale starting from highest to lowest and vice versa. Candidates should choose the option that closely resembles their ideas, attitudes, behaviours, and aspirations.

The college personality test does not in any way conclude the college that the candidate should opt. It just gives an indication as to whether the candidate would find the college fulfilling his expectations or not.

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