Computer aptitude test

A computer aptitude test is a kind of an aptitude test which is conducted so as to measure the level of computer aptitude of a person or a group collectively. A computer aptitude test is framed by computer experts or computer related organisations to give an opportunity to people to know on which level they stand as far as general computer aptitude is concerned. Computer aptitude tests can be conducted on various levels depending upon the particular segment of computer education. Infact there are many different kinds of computer aptitude tests for different levels of knowledge. The following are a few examples of such computer aptitude tests.

  • Basic computer aptitude test
  • Computer language aptitude test
  • C++ aptitude test
  • Java aptitude test
  • Computer parts aptitude test


A computer aptitude test helps one to identify his/her strong and weak points as far as computer knowledge and awareness is concerned. By knowing the result of the test, a person can be motivated to improve his/her knowledge on the subject and in case of a good result; one can be assured and encouraged about the same.

How the test is conducted?

A computer aptitude test consists of multiple questions based on the exact topic of the test. These questions are marked for a certain score and the respondents are marked based on whether they answered the questions correctly or not. After the test, an overall or total score is taken out and this score measures the computer aptitude of the respondent.

Benefits of a computer aptitude test

A computer aptitude test is important and has many benefits for many people. These tests help a person to know the level on which he/she stands as compared to other people as far as computer knowledge is concerned. The test results can be useful for knowing the strengths and weaknesses.

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