Computer skills test

A computer skills test is a test which is framed or designed by computer experts so as to test the skills and knowledge of individuals as far as computers is concerned. A computer skills test consists of multiple questions, by answering which an individual can be marked on his/her skills when it comes to computers. These tests can be conducted on various different levels such as basic level, advanced level, computer languages level etc. Based on these levels, there are different categories into which a computer skills test is divided. The following are a few of those categories:

  • Basic computer skills test
  • Advanced level computer skills test
  • C++ computer skills test
  • Research level computer skills test
  • Programming computer skills test


A computer skills test can help to measure the level of knowledge, skills and talent of the respondent in Computers. These tests consist of certain questions which can help to assess the respondent’s capability and ability to handle the subject of computers.  These tests are often conducted to know and judge whether or not the respondent is suitable for a particular computer related program or task or whether or not the respondent should be hired for a job in the field of computers.

What does the test do?

The computer skills test consists of certain questions, each of which is allotted a certain score. By answering all questions, the respondent attains a total score which is the measuring tool of the computer skills possessed by him/her. These tests are commonly conducted by schools, colleges, offices etc.

Benefits of computer skills test

There are many benefits of taking or attempting a computer skills test. A person can compare his/her result with the results of others to know if he/she has faired well in the test. By taking these tests, individuals can know about their weaknesses and strengths as far as computer knowledge is concerned.

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