Danish Citizenship Test

People who are new to Denmark are needed to take the Danish Citizenship Test. This is required to obtain nationality of Denmark. Below given are the details on Danish Citizenship Test.

Who should take the Danish Citizenship test?

Whoever is moving to settle in Denmark from an outer country need to apply for the Danish Citizenship Test and must clear it with good marks. The Danish Citizenship Test helps to preserve the culture of Denmark and spread it historical importance.

How to book for the Danish Citizenship test?

The Danish Citizenship Test is generally conducted 2 times in a year. To book for the Danish Citizenship Test, candidates must approach any of the language schools personally. In order to prepare for the Danish Citizenship Test, candidates can make use of the training materials that are compiled by the Ministry of Integration. The soft copy of the material can also be downloaded from official Danish sites.

What does the Danish Citizenship test have?

The Danish Citizenship Test is considered among the toughest. The following are the ways in which to get Danish Citizenship:

  • There is a declaration that is to be signed by the candidates appearing for the Danish Citizenship Test.
  • The declaration will also contain the statement that the candidate agrees to follow all Danish rules, policies and laws.
  • Candidates need to give up on their previous citizenship in order to obtain Danish Citizenship
  • Candidates should also show that they have a permanent resident address in Denmark
  • There should be no criminal charges against the candidate like imprisonment, removal, etc.
  • Candidates should prove that they can support themselves financially without any help from the government.
  • Candidates should pass the Danish Citizenship Test successfully – especially they should clear the Level 3 Danish paper

In the Danish Citizenship Test, there will be 40 questions. At least 32 of them need to be answered accurately. The total time given to answer the Danish Citizenship Test is 45 minutes.

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