Dental Aptitude Test

A dental aptitude test is an examination that is conducted by medical dental institutions to induct candidates into dental course programs in their colleges or universities. The dental aptitude test is a computer aided examination that is conducted in multiple examination centres across the United States. The pattern of the dental aptitude test paper consists of questions with answers in multiple choices. Below given are more details on the dental aptitude test.

Dental Aptitude Test Benefits:

The benefits of the dental aptitude test are that it can be taken from anywhere across the country for application to various dental courses in different colleges and universities. Candidates who would like to apply for dental courses have a maximum of three chances to take the test before taking special permission to write the test again.

Who should take the Dental Aptitude test?

Candidates who are aiming to become dental medical professionals need to take the dental aptitude test. Candidates should verify the eligibility requirements and must pass the medical tests in order to appear for the dental aptitude test paper.

How to book for the Dental Aptitude test?

Candidates can register for the dental aptitude test at any time during the year. The dental aptitude test can be written for a maximum of three times and after every appearance the candidate need to wait for a minimum of 90 days before appearing for the dental aptitude test again. Candidates need to fill the required registration fee and submit all the documents.

What does the Dental Aptitude test have?

The dental aptitude test generally has 4 sections and each having some timeline for completion. The scores of the dental aptitude test are immediately published after the exam. The main topics covered in the dental aptitude test are:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Perceptual Ability
  • Reading comprehension
  • And Quantitative abilities

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