A Depression test is mainly targeted at the moods of the test giver. It is to assess whether a candidate is under depression or prone to it in the near future.

Who should take this test?

  • Individuals with constant or varying mood swings
  • People under stress and strain
  • People with Impulsive personal disorders

Depression Test Benefits:

Early diagnosis helps in a lot of psychological issues and help is always handy for such cases. Also the earlier the issue is diagnosed and treated the better. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before tagging ourselves as depressed. It always helps to take the results of these tests along to present a clear picture of the situation.

Depression Test Results:

The test results are best interpreted by a professional psychologist or a psychoanalyst. The results are usually complex graphs with all the necessary details. The beauty of these results is that it can be interpreted whether the candidate is likely to fall prey to depression in the future.

for signs of depression

Take a sample test:

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