Dutch Citizenship Test

Dutch citizenship test is an examination that is to be undertaken by immigrants to the Dutch land, Netherlands. This is made mandatory by the government of Netherlands. Every non-citizen of the country is made to take it test except those belonging to the EU. The following are the details about the Dutch citizenship test.

Dutch Citizenship Test Benefits:

The Dutch citizenship test can help secure the integrity of the nation by imbibing the roots and culture of the country among incoming immigrants. Public order and harmony is thought to be restored when immigrants take the Dutch citizenship test. But there are many discriminatory policies also of the Dutch citizenship test that are being argued.

Who should take the Dutch Citizenship test?

People who are planning to shift their location to Netherlands would need to essentially take the Dutch citizenship test. After passing the Dutch citizenship test, immigrants would be required to follow the national integration sessions conducted by the federal government. People who have already been living in the European Union are exempted from taking this Dutch citizenship test.

How to book for the Dutch Citizenship test?

To prepare for the Dutch citizenship test, candidates can buy some examination guides that can help with the questions that are expected to appear in the Dutch citizenship test. To book for the Dutch citizenship test, candidates can fill the application for the same to the Netherlands Embassy.

What does the Dutch Citizenship test have?

The Dutch citizenship test has about 30 questions most of which comes in the bought examination materials with answers. The Dutch citizenship test also includes a language test as Dutch is the official language being spoken in the nation. The language examination is conducted over phone through voice recognition technology.

The cost of the Dutch citizenship test is 350 Euros approximately. The Dutch citizenship test would be conducted in the country the immigrant is coming from. Therefore the Dutch citizenship test is totally examined and governed by the Dutch Embassy.

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