EDCET Entrance Test

EDCET entrance test is generally conducted to conduct admissions to B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) courses in colleges and universities. This EDCET entrance test is particular to the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Below are the information on how to prepare for the EDCET entrance test and what can a prospective student expect in the EDCET entrance test.

EDCET Entrance test Benefits:

The benefits of the EDCET entrance test are that candidates would be able to get into the field of teaching of their preferred subject and would be able to spend their career by teaching other students in that field and making a successful career out of the same.

Who should take the EDCET Entrance test?

Candidates who are interested to get into the field of teaching much appear for the EDCET entrance test soon after completing their higher secondary education in courses like BA, BSc, BCOM, BCA or BBM. Candidates should have the knack to teach students and manage their administration and learning well. Candidates should also have at least 50% marks in their graduation.

How to book for the EDCET Entrance test?

Before a few months of conducting the EDCET entrance test, the higher education department in the state of Andhra Pradesh provides EDCET entrance test details through newspaper or other channels like media and website. Candidates should look for the Important Details and Notification and apply for the EDCET entrance test as per the procedures set.

What does the EDCET Entrance test have?

The EDCET entrance test has questions on the particular subject of education in which the student is expected to make a career by pursuing B.Ed course. The minimum marks to be obtained in the EDCET entrance test is 25% generally. Candidates should also have at least 19 years of age.

Candidates should keep track of information like commencement of admission forms, the due date of receipt of the same, and dates for issuing the admission tickets.

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