An Employment Personality test is conducted or taken strictly for recruitment purposes and do not bring out the other psychological aspects of an individual’s personality. In recent times this is gaining importance since a lot of people think it is an interesting and rewarding option which helps in recruiting the right candidate.

Employment Personality Test Benefits:

This test gives a fair idea about the personality of the candidate. Also it is easier to assess what job is suited to him according to his employment profile. Thus work satisfaction and the quality of work increases. The test results have also proved to be a boon to theories revolving around employee relations.

Who can take this test?

Candidates who appear for an interview for the first time and employees who change their company or role are expected to take this test. However there are no restrictions for taking the exam.

What does the test do?

The test mainly targets the job in question and makes it a priority to keep a check on whether the person who is taking the test fits into the job. It might have questions on basic personality traits like background, likes, dislikes, previous work experiences, relevant education, preferred work environments, etc. These are multiple choice questions but depending upon the nature of job or the depth of knowledge, scenario based questions may be expected.

Take a sample test:

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