Engineering aptitude test

An engineering aptitude test is a test which is conducted for engineering students to test their respective aptitudes and the level of knowledge and skills they possess as far as their field or subject of engineering is concerned. These aptitude tests can be conducted within or outside engineering colleges and are useful for engineering students to know how they fair at the level of engineering aptitude as compared to other engineering students. There are many different categories of engineering aptitude tests depending upon the different fields of engineering. The following are a few examples of different types of engineering aptitude tests:

  • Mechanical engineering aptitude test
  • Civil engineering aptitude test
  • Electrical engineering aptitude test
  • Electronic engineering aptitude test
  • Robotic engineering aptitude test


Engineering aptitude tests are conducted quite commonly and are useful in the case where a person wishes to test himself/herself as far as his/her strengths and weaknesses in engineering are concerned. These tests have a simple procedure to follow and the results can be obtained quite quickly as well. Engineering aptitude tests can be taken periodically to know whether or not the respondent is showing signs of improvement or not.

What does the test do?

An engineering aptitude test consists of basic engineering questions which have to be answered correctly so as to obtain marks. The total score of the test decided the level of engineering aptitude of the respondent. These test scores are useful to compare one engineering student from the other.

Benefits of engineering aptitude tests:

Any engineering aptitude test is a yardstick which can help to know where an engineering student stands as far as aptitude is concerned. One can know about his/her strong and weak points by giving these tests and can accordingly improve the weak points so as to improve the overall aptitude level.

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