The Federal Communications Commission test tests the equipment related to broadband, telephone, information technology etc. It is mandatory for the manufacturers, who manufacture such equipments to have them FCC tested before they are offered for sale in the United States.

FCC Test Benefits:

The emission limits are tested for harmless emission. The device is tested and after receiving the report, it is viewed by experts to declare conformity.

FCC Certification Requirements:

The complete FCC Certification process will typically follow these steps:

1.The manufacturer will authorize the Test Lab to apply for a FCC Grantee Code.

2.The manufacturer will receive the Grantee code from the FCC.

3.The Manufacturer will submit their device to an accredited Test Lab for evaluation.

4.The appropriate testing will be performed, per appropriate standards.

5.The Test Lab will create a test report which details the tests performed, results and equipment used.

6.The test report, along other documentation, will be submitted to the FCC for approval.

7.The FCC typically takes 8-12 weeks to respond to certification requests.

Take a sample test:

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