Free citizenship test

A free citizenship test is a test which is conducted to test whether or not, a person who has applied for the citizenship of a particular country, knows enough about the country to get the citizenship status. These tests assess the knowledge of the person regarding the language of that country, the statistics of the country and other basic details. These tests help government of the country to decide whether or not the person deserves to be given the privilege of being a citizen of its country or not. A free citizenship test can be taken for free which means that no cost is incurred on taking the test.

Given below are a few examples of citizenship tests:

  • Australia free citizenship test
  • New Zealand free citizenship test
  • USA free citizenship test
  • Free Citizenship practice test


Any citizenship test consists of basic questions about the country such as its culture, climatic conditions, rules, laws, language etc. These questions are important to know if the respondent has enough basic knowledge to be called as a citizen.

What does the test do?

A free citizenship test consists of multiple number of questions which can be of various different types and are used to test the awareness and preparation of the respondent. The test is timed and is in the form of a closed book test. The results are announced after the checking of each answer is done and a total score is given out. If a person qualifies or exceeds the minimum score required, he/she can get the citizenship of the respective country.

Benefits of the test:

A free citizenship test is useful for the official government of countries to decide and pick the most deserving candidates out of a group of people to be given the citizenship. These types of tests are also useful for those people to test their knowledge for getting the citizenship of a particular country.

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