GATE Entrance Test

GATE Entrance test is administered for engineering students located in India. GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is administered by the IISc located in Bangalore. This GATE Entrance test is for admission into engineering colleges and post graduation colleges spanning from autonomous to government colleges. The following are the benefits and details related to the GATE Entrance test.

GATE Entrance test Benefits:

GATE Entrance test is helpful for giving an opportunity to students to give admission to engineering colleges and post graduation universities spanning across the country including the IITs, NITs, etc. The Department of Education is consensus with Indian Institute of Science prepares the GATE Entrance test and decides on the pattern and syllabus.

Who should take the GATE Entrance test?

Students preparing for engineering education in India can apply for the GATE Entrance test. Students should have a look at the GATE Entrance test guidelines, and apply to the same after meeting their eligibility requirements.

How to book for the GATE Entrance test?

Candidates can collect the application form from the nearest branch selling the application form. They should know the eligibility requirements and follow the important dates as stated in the admission guidelines. They should do the GATE Entrance test registration before the due dates.

What does the GATE Entrance test have?

The GATE Entrance test has questions on the engineering subjects. The pattern and the number of questions are decided by the Board of Indian Education in consultation with the Indian Institute of Science and other leading technological institutes of India. The GATE Entrance test is held once in a year and covers questions from mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, etc. The GATE Entrance test is conducted in all leading centres of India. The GATE Entrance test is conducted once in a year and any candidate can apply for their nearest centre to take the examination.

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