GIAC Security Essentials Certification is a certification required for professionals in the field of security and services. GIAC stands for Global Information Assurance Certification. Their certifications are based on SANS trainings. GSEC is more of an entry level exam though similar to the CISSP.

GSEC Benefits:

The certification demonstrates working knowledge on Information Security. It offers a career differentiator to employers. This certification is often requested by the employers. The certified candidates find placements as Network Security Engineers, Security System Analysts and Security Administrators.

GSEC Certification Requirements:

Unlike CISSP this doesn’t need any work experience. The test has ten domains within which the test has to be taken.

  • Access control

1.  Categories and Controls

2.  Control Threats and counter measures

  • Application security

1.  Software based controls

2.  Software Development Lifecycle and Principles

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

1.  Response and Recovery Plans

2.  Restoration Activities

  • Cryptography

1.  Basic Concepts and Algorithms

2.  Signatures and Certification

3.  Cryptanalysis

  • Information Security and Risk Management

1.  Policies, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures

2.  Risk Management Tools and Practices

3.  Planning and Organization

  • Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations

1.  Major Legal Systems

2.  Common and Civil Law

3.  Regulations, Laws and Information Security

  • Operations Security

1.  Media, Backups and Change Control Management

2.  Controls Categories

  • Physical Security

1.  Layered Physical Defense and Entry Points

2.  Site Location Principles

  • Security Architecture and Design

1.  Principles and Benefits

2.  Trusted Systems and Computing Base

3.  System and Enterprise Architecture

  • Telecommunications and Network Security

1.  Network Security Concepts and Risks

2.  Business Goals and Network Security

How to take the test:

For taking the test one proctored exam of 180 multiple choice questions in a time frame of 5 hours needs to be given. The test can be booked at KRYTERION testing centers. The test has to be re taken every four years since there is an expiry associated.

Take a sample test:

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