The first step after screening is an assessment. This assessment is to confirm the certainty of the problem and the extent of the damage that has taken place. For this the best way is to give a health assessment test.

Health Assessment Test Benefits:

Before taking a full fledged health test, this forms a base for the actual test that needs a diagnosis and a deeper analysis. This also confirms the doubt that must have created after taking a screening. Since screening is just the basic step, there is always a possibility of it being wrong. An assessment clarifies the condition.

Who should take the test?

A candidate with a positive screening test for any particular health disorder has to take the assessment test for the same health issue. It is generally recommended, but the individual can himself take an initiative and give the test for his satisfaction.

What does the test do?

The test further conducts deeper analysis on the same health issue that has been identified by the screening test. The same samples need to be tested for conformity also. Sometimes for deeper analysis, more tests need to be conducted. However a medical expert is the best judge to ascertain the next step of treatment.

Take a sample test:

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