I-NET+ Tests

i-net+ is an entry level exam for internet and web based professionals. This is taken for further in depth knowledge on internet. This certification is well suited for people who aspire to become Internet Networking Specialist, Internet Security Specialist, Internet Site Designer, Internet Systems Administrator or an Internet e-Commerce Specialist.


The certified professionals are supposedly the best in the industry to work on the internet from the scratch. They are adept at designing, administering and responsible for the security of internet. The certification does not expire.

I-NET+ Certification Requirements:

There are no pre-requisites for the test. The certification can be cleared by passing a single paper that covers topics on

  • Internet Basics and Clients
  • Development
  • Networking
  • Internet Security
  • Business Concepts
  • Client side scripting
  • Server Side Scripting

How to take I-NET+ test:

The official site of compTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) conducts this test online. However the English version of the test no longer exists. The test can be attempted in other languages. But the professionals who have already taken the test have their credential of holding the certification intact. Options of selecting the convenient date and time, re-exam, cancellation exist with the process.

Take a Sample Test:

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