Integrity Test

Integrity test can be of many types but the most common kind of an integrity test is employment integrity test. An employment integrity test is conducted before the employment of a candidate to test the level of honesty or integrity of the potential employee. Actions like stealing etc from previous work setting may affect the score of the candidate and hence he/she would score less than those who haven’t been engaged in such activities.

Integrity may also be referred to as work ethics which too are tested by this assessment or test. There are two types of integrity tests-overt and personality based measures. The following are some of the important details of integrity tests.

Integrity test benefits:

Since office theft is a serious crime and problem and should be reduced and eliminated at all costs. This is where the role of integrity test comes to play. These tests help to root out the very problem and stop it from recovering. Integrity tests help in finding out the counterproductive work behaviour which helps the organisations to reject those potential employees who are more likely to be dishonest.

Who should take the integrity test?

An integrity test is taken by those individuals who are applying for a new job in a company. But in some cases, there are personal integrity tests too which can be taken by a person by personal choice. Anyone who feels that he/she is likely to lie, steal or be dishonest in a new work setting can take this test.

How to book for an integrity test?

Since these tests are conducted by organisations before hiring new employees, a person cannot book them by paying a few or another way.

What does the integrity test have?

An integrity test consists of questions based on honesty and integrity of an individual. Questions related to work ethics are often included in such tests. Many times, potential employees are also asked whether they have ever been involved in theft etc at previous work places.

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