An IQ test is a measure of intelligence. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and is an accepted metric for intelligence all over the world. Though there are a number of tests that test IQ, a few common tests accepted all over are

  • WISC-IV (for Children)
  • KBIT DAS (for Children)
  • WPPSI (for young Children)

These tests are used to test the IQ levels for various medical purposes.

IQ Test Benefits:

The main benefit is for the individual who takes the test to measure his intelligence. Apart from this, these tests serve medical purposes to cater to different research topics like gender, sex and race comparisons. Other psychological areas like job performance, daily life, relationships, and appraisals can be measured through IQ testing.

What does the test do?

The test has various questions on verbal and non verbal aspects of intelligence. Areas like logic, reasoning, English, quantitative aptitude, etc are tested. In worldwide accepted testing, the topics remain the same and the tests are conducted for various age groups according to their age. Other tests can be designed and conducted for medical purposes which could involve an in depth line of questioning.

Take a sample test:

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