Irish Citizenship Test

Citizens who are soon to become Irish citizens will have to go through the Irish citizenship test and must also clear the same with good marks. This establishes that the candidates are eligible to stay in Iran and follow all the policies and rules as laid down by the State. Below given are details on various aspects of the Irish citizenship test.

Who should take the Irish Citizenship test?

Migrants who are considering applying for citizenship in Iran need to take the Irish citizenship test. There is no rule that made knowing Irish mandatory. Candidates can display their language skills in either English or Irish.

How to book for the Irish Citizenship test?

In order to book for the Irish citizenship test, candidates must fill in a form that demonstrates the candidate’s capability to communicating with other citizens in a known language. They are also likely to show good attitude towards the people of Iran and get the same hospitality back from the nationals. The disadvantage that is faced by many prospective foreign nationals is that it might take a very long time to carry an Irish citizenship test application forward.

What does the Irish Citizenship test have?

The Irish citizenship test is conducted with a view to teach foreigners on how the nation communicates, its national laws and policies, etc. The federal government is also considering conducting some courses to foreign nationals to pick up either their regional language or English. The following are the objectives of the Irish citizenship test:

  • To make the person familiar with most of the aspects of the nation
  • To ensure that the foreign national has a certain minimum language skills to communicate and deal with people in a better manner
  • To imbibe skills among the candidates to interact with Irish people in a way that is understood by both and is respected by each other

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