ISAT stands for the Illinois Standards Achievement Test. This test typically measures the student’s learning and school related performance. This measures the results according to Illinois Standards. They are accepted widely al around the world as a measure for student performance.

Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) Benefits:

The results of these tests are presented as the performance of the students to the teachers, parents by the report. These also record the performance of the student and assess whether repetition of grade is essential.

Who should take the test?

The students from grades 3 to 8 are permitted to take the test.

What does the test do?

The test contains story problems (A problem within a story) and the student has to solve each problem and explain their solution and the method. The syllabus depends on the grade of the student but typically the areas tested are fractions, decimals, weights, conversions, graphs, scales, coordinating grids, plotting points etc. The scoring is done as a part of the report generation where the candidates are graded as exceed standards, meet standards, and do not meet standards and below standards.

Take a sample test:

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