Job Analysis Test

Job analysis tests are majorly used to gauge the effectiveness of training and development programs for their suitability in real job situations. The job analysis tests give a direction to various programs in training so that the objectives of the job and the training and aligned well. It helps in fulfilling the job requirements by inducting the best person with the required skill sets to do the job with accuracy and efficiency. The following are the details regarding job analysis tests.

Job Analysis Test Benefits:

The job analysis test helps in framing the training content and material so that such knowledge and understanding can be applied easily in work situations. The job analysis test also helps in understanding whether the selected candidates have the skills needed to perform their roles. The skill and level of knowledge of the candidates can be easily improving by taking feedback from the job analysis tests.

Who should take the test?

The job analysis test can be administered in any target group like the incumbent employees, newly joined employees, expert panels, etc though online questionnaire, face-to-face interview, etc. There could be both open ended or close ended questions in the job analysis test.

What does the test have?

The job analysis tests are designed to analyse the following objectives:

  • The responsibilities that a job entails
  • The type of environment required to perform the job duties
  • The needs of the job like stationary, machinery, tools, etc
  • The hierarchy of the employees and the work break-down structure

The job analysis tests are also designed to fix the compensation structure according to the mental abilities that the employees possess. Depending upon the levels of skills, the salaries are determined and the benefits are designed. The candidates are also allocated the position according to their skill sets and the matching compensation structure.

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