Job skills are essential skills that give you an extra edge at work. Every employee needs to develop these skills and add enhancements to these from time to time. A test that tests these general skills is a Job Skills Test.

Job Skills Test Benefits:

Finding out where you stand with the basic job skills helps in appraisals and better delegation of roles at work. Also if proven extraordinary there are chances of higher levels works to be delegated to the candidate. Taking these tests at regular intervals helps better the already existing skills of the individual.

Who should take the test?

Candidates applying for a new job or employees who change roles or responsibilities at work are advised to take this test. Any employee can take this test to test his stand on his skills at work.

What does the test do?

The test tests various topics on the following six areas.

  • Basic Skills – learning, listening, strategies, critical thinking, mathematics, reading, monitoring, speaking, writing, communication etc.
  • Complex Problem Solving skills – identifying, analyzing, and evaluating problems
  • Resource Management Skills – managing financial, material, personnel resources and time management
  • Social Skills – coordination, instruction, negotiation, persuasion, service orientation, social perceptiveness
  • Systems Skills – judgment, decision making, system analysis, system evaluation
  • Technical Skills – equipment maintenance, selection, installation, operation, monitoring, analysis, programming, quality control, repairing, technology design and troubleshooting

There could be multiple choice questions or one line answer questions or scenario based questions on one or more topics mentioned above. After the test is taken, depending on the answers a score is calculated and a summary is generated.

Take a sample test:

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