Job Suitability Test

Job suitability test can be very useful to candidates who are looking out for employment opportunities and would want to check whether they are suitable for the jobs they are aspiring for. Job suitability test gives an opportunity to candidates to get a reality check done to measure their job preparedness and helps them take corrective actions as and when necessary.

Job Suitability test Benefits:

With the help of job suitability test, candidates would be able to prepare for their future with proper education, relevant career path, right attitude and personality. The candidates would be well groomed and well prepared to take up the challenges at the workplace.

Who should take the Job Suitability test?

Candidates who are looking to get their prepared positions in their organizations of choice are expected to take the job suitability test.

What does the Job Suitability test have?

The questions on the job suitability test would test the preferences of the person. The questions in the job suitability test are as follows:

1. The pay package that the candidate is expecting along with compensation and benefits.

2. The kind of stress that the candidate is ready to be involved in so as to deliver the results to the team/project and ultimately the organization.

3. The work timings that are preferable for the candidate

4. The kind of job that the candidate prefers – normal routine, creative, challenging, etc.

5. The kind of toughness of job that the candidate would want to opt for

6. The strengths and weakness of the candidate when it comes to the preferable career choice

7. The type of work ambience and environment that the candidate would like to work in

8. The work ethics, values and culture along with work dress code

9. The type of qualification that the candidate falls in or would like to complete in the near future

10. The type of personality of the candidate


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