Linux+ is a foundation level, neutral certification designed for testing Linux knowledge. For gaining this certification one must have the skill of managing Linux systems from command line and good knowledge of user admin privileges, file permissions, software configurations, foundation skills in managing Linux based clients, server systems and security issues.

LINUX+ Benefits:

The professionals demonstrate knowledge on implementation of security options on client systems, configuring security related files and other security practices in their resume. They are found to comfortable in various Linux flavors by employers. They find places like Linux Administrators.

LINUX+ Certification Requirements:

A pre requisite would be around 6 months of hands on experience on Linux although this is not a compulsion.The topics for the exams include

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Security

The exam scale is from 100-900 grade points. The duration is of 90 minutes with 98 questions to be answered. The questions are a combination of multiple choice questions.

How to take LINUX+ test:

One can register online for the test through Pearson or Prometric testing engines. The date and time of the exam can be scheduled by the test taker as per convenience of the candidate. Re-schedule and cancellation can be done through the process. The exam can be taken in English or Japanese.

Take a sample test:

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