A Love Personality test essentially talks about the kind of personality an individual has with respect to the emotion of love. On the contrary it also has information about the opposite emotion of hatred and the levels the personality of the individual projects in these aspects. It is different from a compatibility test because it does not give any information about the compatibility of two individuals. However it throws light on what kind of personality suits the person taking the test for his love life.

Love Personality Test Benefits:

The major benefit for which this test is preferred is that people can find information about the qualities they should be looking for in their partner after giving this test. It also gives lot of information about the personality of the individual himself with respect to the emotion.

What does the test do?

The test has many questions testing the emotion of love and hatred in an individual. There could be many scenario based questions where the test taker has to imagine him in the situation and choose the option he thinks right among the choices given to him. There could also be multiple choice questions about the likes, dislikes, preferences etc of the individual. After the test is given, the personality of the individual is analyzed and a report is generated on the basis of a pre defined scale deciding the love personality of the candidate.

Take a sample test:

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