Luscher Personality test is based on the proven fact that different people react differently when they see different colors also in different situations. It is believed that colors are perceived by human mind in a subconscious state when the mind is most active and there is no scope for error.

Luscher Personality Test Benefits:

As it is based on the subconscious testing concept, by far it is the most effective technique to bring out the real self of an individual. These results can be used in psychological analysis to test theories and file reports. Medically these form a base of further psychological studies. A few institutions use these tests as a preliminary exam.

What does the test do?

The test has a set of questions which are scenario based with options of eight colors to choose from. They include Violet, Yellow, Brown, Grey, Black, Red, Green and Blue. The candidate has to choose all colors rating them 1 to 8 according to his preference, rating the most preferred one as 1 and the least at 8. These according to Luscher are the test taker’s preferences and needs in real life. Depending on the rating of these colors, the report is generated with the preferences with the color rated 1 as most resembling trait and the one rated 8 as the least resembling trait.

Take a sample test:

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