Manic Depression is a layman term for Bipolar Depression. This situation occurs when there are measurable or noticeable changes in mood, thought and behavior of an individual. This can be tested by taking a Manic Depression Test. The test results are indicative and are best interpreted by a medical expert.

Who should take the test?

People with one or more of these symptoms are advised to take the test.

  • Changes in Moods or Mood Swings
  • Aggression or Retardation
  • Expansive or Irritable Behavior
  • Manic Episodes
  • Depressive Episodes
  • Uncontrollable aggression

What does this test show?

This test is the first step to identify the severity of the depression. The results when interpreted can be further used to relate to several categories of manic depression. Early diagnosis can prevent major problems at a later stage.

Take a sample test:

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