Riding a motorcycle needs precision and decision making skills apart from speed and safety. A motorcycle skills test ensures whether one is truly capable and ready for riding it.

Motorcycle Skills Test Benefits:

After taking the test, one will be sure of whether or not to ride a motorcycle. It actually gives this as the result of the exam. This also has a section with tips and advice to novices at riding.

Who should take the test?

Since this is a compulsory test for people applying for a two wheeler license, anybody applying for the same has to give this as a preliminary step. Also people who are learning to ride it also are recommended to take the test for safety purposes.

What does the test do?

This test generally has two parts. A written test and a skills test. The skills test is where the actual driving is monitored by an expert and evaluated. The test basically tests the test taker on the following areas

  • Operate the motorcycle
  • Steer Correctly
  • Maintain balance and speed
  • Identify controls
  • Demonstrate hand signals properly

What to expect in the test?

The roads typically are designed to test

  • Key riding skills
  • Intersection and road maneuvers
  • See-think-do skills
  • Ability to spot hazards

After successful completion of the test, a feedback on improvement techniques and faulty maneuvers will be given.

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