This certification is a entry level test for engineers in the field of Network and Hardware Engineering. This generally suits best candidates with nine or more years of experience in the field of networking administration. There is no expiry for this test results.


A Network+ certified candidate has the opportunities as Network Administrators, System Administrators, Desktop Engineers, Hardware Engineers. The candidate is certified to have a strong foundational knowledge on Networks.

Network + Certification Requirements:

This test is an entry level exam and needs no pre-requisites but a recommended certification is the A+ before this exam is taken. The certification includes testing of knowledge in topics like

  • Media and topologies
  • Network Protocols
  • Network Standards
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Support

The test is of 90 minute duration with 100 questions to be attempted.

How to take NETWORK+ test:

The test is conducted by the compTIA(Computing Technology Industry Association) organization. It can be booked through its website either online or through various authentic organizations. It is an online test and the options of rebooking and cancellation exist. Also the candidate can book his convenient date and time for taking the test. The exam costs around 225 USD.

Take a sample test:

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