New Zealand citizenship test

A New Zealand citizenship test is a test which is conducted to measure the level of knowledge of the individual about the geography and culture of New Zealand. These tests help the New Zealand government to pick those people who deserve to be given the rights and benefits of living in New Zealand and being the citizen of this country. The New Zealand citizenship test gives a score to the individuals depending upon their performance in the test. If individuals score more than a minimum mark level, then they are given the citizenship status of New Zealand.

The following are the different categories and types of New Zealand citizenship tests:

  • Online New Zealand citizenship test
  • Free New Zealand citizenship test
  • New Zealand citizenship practice test
  • New Zealand citizenship eligibility test


A New Zealand citizenship test is conducted by New Zealand Embassies in other countries to select only the best and suitable people who have the knowledge and basic information about the country New Zealand. To be a part of New Zealand, individuals need to satisfy certain criterion which is judged on the responses of the individuals who appear for the test.

What does the test do?

New Zealand citizenship test consists of multiple number of questions which are fact based and is related to the basic information about the country. Those individuals who know enough about the country are given the citizenship status and the others are sidelined or rejected.

Benefits of New Zealand citizenship test:

The New Zealand government finds these tests really beneficial as these tests help them to select and pick only deserving candidates who are suitable and fitting to be part of New Zealand. The test assesses the preparation of the candidates as far as their knowledge of New Zealand is concerned.

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