Occupational health and safety is the safety measures that one need s to be aware of at work or occupation. An Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) test ensures that one is aware of the hazards he has to face at work and the measures he has to take to avoid accidents. For every occupation that has a risk factor attached to it, this test is mandatory and is conducted for every new recruited by the employer.

Occupational Health and Safety Test Benefits:

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, this test ensures that the candidate is aware of all the precautionary measures that are necessary for safe operation at work. Also the health of the candidate is tested and the job suitable for him is designated to him to avoid health issues and ensure high productivity.

Who should take the test?

All employers conduct these tests to the recruited before assigning them work that involves risks and where hazardous substances or huge machinery is involved. On the other hand, every individual applying for such jobs has to take the test to ensure that he is ready for the job in question.

What does the test do?

Depending on the position applied for, the tests differ. There are various tests for work areas like

  • Construction Works
  • Warehouse Works
  • Virtual Works
  • Supermarket Works
  • Cleaning Works
  • Workshop Works
  • Chemical Labs and Factories

These are a few areas; however there are many other areas which use huge machinery and hazardous substances at work places. The test has questions on the safety measures that are available at work and the health of the worker. Questions on the health involve identification of any allergies, previous health disorders, nausea etc of the worker. A report is generated on the strength of the concepts and the health of the candidate. Depending on the health stability and the knowledge of precautionary measures, the work is allotted to the candidates.

Take a sample test:

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