A computer skills test is an assessment of knowledge in computers. Since there are basic levels and proficient levels in computing, this is done at various levels. These levels depend on the age groups and roles and responsibilities of the individual taking the test. This computer skills test is sometimes conducted online. Since most of the education system and careers are based on computers, these skills are of utmost importance.

Online Computer Skills Test Benefits:

An online computer skills test can be conducted anywhere as per need. These are nowadays very popular since most of the interviews are incomplete without a computer test. Another major benefit of an online test is that the results are spontaneous.

Who should take the test?

Since the test caters to a number of needs, care should be taken to choose the right test. Depending on the purpose and the age group the test needs to be chosen. However there are no eligibility criteria and anybody can take the test.

What does the test do?

The test has multiple choice questions on various topics related to computers and their use. Depending on the test, the depth of questioning varies but a basic computer test has questions on the following topics.

  • Keyboard usage
  • Windows
  • Computer settings
  • Emailing
  • Computer software
  • Computer hardware and networking
  • Internet

Apart from these several other topics may be included as per the purpose of the test. After the test is taken, the score is compared with the already tabulated and score and proficiency level is determined and immediately displayed.

Take a sample test:

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