Personality Assessment Inventory is a multi scale testing of personality derived by Leslie Moray. In all it has around 22 scales overlapping with each other to present a detailed psychological profile of the tested candidate. The four main kinds of scales are

  • Validity Scales – describing the attitude of the person taking the test
  • Clinical Scales – describing psychiatric diagnosis
  • Treatment Consideration Scales – describing treatment of disorders if any
  • Interpersonal Scales – describing the interpersonal dimensions of the individual.

Personality Assessment Inventory Test Benefits:

The results of these tests are validated in areas of custody assessment, psychotherapy, evaluation, validation, forensic investigations, psychopathology evaluations, personnel selection (recruitment) and in areas of medical research and diagnosis.

Who can take the test?

Since this is a high profile test and needs to have supervision during interpretation and is highly complex in nature, it is recommended to have medical authentication for registration. However there are no restrictions to taking the test.

What does the test do?

The test takers are put a lot of multiple choice questions with four options (false, some what true, mainly true and very true). The questions are direct and straightforward with scenarios for proper understanding. The areas of testing include mental state of mind (e.g. depression, aggression, anger), psychiatric analysis (e.g. fear, complex, passion), disorders (e.g. sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of weight), etc. Apart from these basic questions about background, recent incidents, major incidents, relationships etc. may be expected. The results are best interpreted by a medical expert, though a summary in layman language is provided at the end.

Take a sample test:

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