A personality assessment is similar to a personality test except for the fact that it is more comprehensive in nature. Both the testing and the analysis are complex and descriptive. In layman language it can be safely said that a personality test gives an overview and a personality assessment is an in depth analysis.

Personality Assessment Test Benefits:

The main advantage of these tests is to validate theories in psychology. The results are taken as practical examples to prove the theoretically proven aspects. Medically these are conducted to recognize any possible psychological disorders. In recent times it has been observed that employers conduct these tests during recruitment.

What does the test do?

The test has questions to test the personality of an individual and hence any trait that has either a direct or an indirect influence on one’s personality is thoroughly tested and analyzed. The questions run around basic topics like back ground, fears, likes, dislikes, attitude towards life, goals, complexes, hobbies, relationships, etc. There could be comprehensive testing wherever necessary. The questions are multiple choices or one line answers. After this is done, a report is generated with complete analysis on the assessment. The report is a comprehensive study of the personality of the individual. It can have a lot of adjectives describing the individual or a summary of what kind of a personality he is or both.

Take a sample test:

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