PHD Entrance Test

PHD Entrance test is conducted among research students and is generally conducted by the universities conducting studies in that particular subject. It is generally conducted once in a year. Candidates need to fill and submit the application form within the declared timelines along with payment of the registration fees and other document submission. Given below are more details regarding the PHD Entrance test.

PHD Entrance test Benefits:

A PHD Entrance test is helpful to choose candidates who are made eligible to pursue further research and development in the mentioned subjects of interest. There are some compulsory and some optional subjects for the test. Candidates need to refer to the prospectus or annexure to know the exact subjects covered and other details.

Who should take the PHD Entrance test?

Different universities have different eligibility requirements to opt for the PHD Entrance test. However it is generally expected that candidates who have completed their post graduation in a subject and would like to do further investigative study in that area are eligible to take the PHD Entrance test.

How to book for the PHD Entrance test?

Candidates need to look up the university website or the prospectus to know the dates of application for the PHD Entrance test. Before the last date of registration, candidates need to send in the filled application form along with all other documents as required. In this way, candidates can book for the PHD Entrance test.

What does the PHD Entrance test have?

The PHD Entrance test consists of questions from the basic level to the post graduation level. Candidates, who meet the eligibility requirement as stated in the brochure, need to send their registrations as mentioned. They can then collect their PHD Entrance test examination ticket. The subjects covered are compulsory subjects and some of the optional subjects as may have been studied by the candidate till the post graduation level.

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